In 2021, a BlackBerry smartphone with a physical keyboard should finally come onto the market again. (Image: radovan, Unsplash)

At the beginning of the year, the latest smartphone giant BlackBerry and This TCL Partner integrated with Android BlackBerry 5G smartphone. We would also like to mark the mark for smartphone fans but no more: a new partner will be available and a 5G-BlackBerry for the year 2021.
The dead are lingering: More than half a year after the BlackBerry partner TCL stopped selling Android smartphones under the brand that was once so popular with business customers, OnwardMobility is promising a new BlackBerry in 2021

The best solution is not to miss a single users still coveted physicist keyboard, sundern also with 5G. Beyond the specifications, the display gray and the design is not the only information available. Compared to The Register has onwardMobility allergens, this one has to expect a completely new keyboard design that “reflects the values of the brand”.
The untouchables will also be able to read, albeit anonymously, in addition to the very special business users, the most productive products in the world. Also consider this target group is the focus on the security features. The CEO of OnwardMobility has a great idea to have a “top camera” and a Conqueror.

The only smartphone in Europe and in the USA in the first half of 2021 on the market. Allegedly things are three: after BlackBerry and TCL bereft from sindh, the smartphones in the market in one of the iPhones and galaxies dominate the world to make a difference, the OnwardMobility is really not the best.

source:OnwardMobility, via The Register

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