LG Electronics: which introduced its 2020 smart TVs with the Apple smart TV app is now launching the Apple smart TV app for compatible LG smart TVs in over 80 countries.


The Apple smart TV app gives LG smart TV owners the ability to subscribe to and watch Apple smart TV, Apple smart TV new video subscription service that features popular Apple smart TV Originals such as The Morning Show See Servant .APPLE SMART TV APP AND APPLE TV NOW AVAILABLE ON 2019 LG TVS IN MORE THAN 80 COUNTRIES.With the Apple smart TV app, LG smart TV owners can also subscribe to Apple smart TV channels — direct subscriptions to premium video services available both online and offline, adfree and Apple smart TV on demand — access their iTunes video library and buy or rent over 100,000 movies and TV shows. A quick click of the LG smart Magic Remote is all it takes to get started.


LG SMART TVs: Offer users a cinematic experience with the best picture and sound on the market to match the constantly growing number of programs from top global content providers. With a wide range of titles available in Dolby Vision, the Apple smart TV app is an ideal match for LG’s TVs. LG was an early adopter of Dolby technology, and its latest TVs continue to support Dolby Vision, offering users the most immersive viewing experience with truly vivid colors, greater depth and stunningly realistic sound.

LG smart TV 2019 also support Apple AirPlay 2, which allows users to share or mirror content from their iPhone, iPad or Mac directly to an LG TV. Customers can also play music on the smat TV and sync it with other AirPlay 2 compatible speakers anywhere in the home. Also supported is Apple HomeKit, which lets users easily and securely control their smart TV with the Home app on their iPhone or iPad or by voice using Siri, enabling them to power on or off, change volume, switch inputs and more.APPLE SMART TV APP AND APPLE TV NOW AVAILABLE ON 2019 LG TVS IN MORE THAN 80 COUNTRIES

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Customers will now be able to enjoy all LG’s 2019 OELED TVs, Nanosel TVs (SM9X and SM8X Series) AirPlay 2 and Apple Smart TV without HomeKit.”TVs (series SM9X and SM8X) and later this month, the Apple smart TV app will roll out on select UHD TVs (series UM7X and UM6X). The Apple smart TV app and Apple smart TV+ will be available on 2020 smart TVs at launch and on LG’s 2018 TVs later this year via an over-the-air firmware upgrade.

“LG continues to offer the best home entertainment experience through technological innovations that support the delivery of high quality viewing and user convenience,” said Park Hyoung-sei, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company. “By bringing the Apple smart TV app and Apple smart TV+ to even more TV models, we are once again demonstrating our determination to meet consumers’ needs and add value to our.

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