Apple currently receives the majority of the OLED displays for its iPhones from Samsung, and a small part is also supplied by LG. With BOE, the largest display manufacturer from China is apparently also interested in supplying screens to Apple – a factory is to be greatly expanded exclusively for this purpose.

As ETNews reports, China’s largest display manufacturer BOE has started to invest in a factory that will only produce OLED screens for the Apple iPhone. This could make BOE the third largest supplier of panels for the iPhone by 2021.

To this end, the B11 OLED factory in Sichuan is being expanded by ten new production lines. According to the report, the company has tried to win Apple as a customer in the past, but the California-based company has not been satisfied with the quality it has delivered so far. Despite the high investment, BOE has not yet signed a contract with Apple, but reports from the industry indicate that initial talks have already taken place between the two companies.

With this expanded factory, Apple could significantly reduce its dependency on Samsung – the South Korean company has supplied all OLED components for the iPhone X and continues to provide the majority of deliveries for the current iPhones. It remains to be seen whether the newly produced panels will meet Apple’s quality standards.

Currently, Apple only uses OLED screens for the iPhone 11 Pro (from EUR 1,099 on Amazon), while both the iPhone 11 (from EUR 765 on Amazon) and the soon-to-be-expected iPhone SE 2 continue to use LCDs.

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