The new models of the Casio PRT-B50 series offer a robust titanium case and some features, through which the analog clocks build a bridge to modern smartwatches. For the first time, data such as the steps taken or the current temperature can be synchronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

The Casio PRT-B50 (from 190 euros on Amazon) could be the perfect analog watch for sports enthusiasts, as it is robust and collects some interesting data when hiking, climbing or running, among other things. However, the models available so far look very much like sports watches, which makes them seem quite unsuitable in many environments.

Casio has solved this problem with the two new models PRT-B50T-7 and PRT-B50T-1 with their titanium case and bracelet in either silver or black, because they fit just as well in a business meeting as on a rock wall.

Like their predecessors, the Titan watches rely on the “quad sensor”, which can be used to measure the current altitude, temperature, external pressure and the steps taken. This data can finally be read out via a smartphone connected via Bluetooth using the associated app. It is also interesting to be able to count the calories burned and to save a place to which the clock hands can point the way if desired.

The price of the watches, which are up to 100 meters waterproof, is stated on the manufacturer’s website at $ 300 for the silver version and $ 380 for the black model. The new Pro Trek PRT-B50 models should be available in spring, at the latest then there should be information about prices in Europe.



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