Business laptops: Who needs them when notebooks for private customers are getting better and better? B2B laptops like the dynabooks show that there are still many reasons to buy a business notebook. Flexibility and above all security still speak for professional notebooks from dynabook. (Advertising)

If you were looking for a reliable, high-quality notebook in the past, a business laptop was often the only option. But the notebook market has changed a lot in the last decade, so-called “prosumer” laptops have become more and more popular and have triumphed with ever thinner designs and better displays. Unlike in the past, the guidelines for IT procurement are often no longer as strict, so that more and more private customer laptops are being used in the market for corporate customers. Have traditional business notebooks survived?

Dynabook: an aspiring company with long experience in the PC business

With its Tecra and Portégé laptop series, dynabook proves that business notebooks are still a good choice. Emerging from the takeover of Toshiba’s PC division by Sharp and its parent company Foxconn, dynabook has over 30 years of experience as a laptop manufacturer. Proven quality meets new ideas.

One of the company’s strengths is that you completely shoulder design and manufacture, something that other manufacturers often outsource. In addition, you cover all sectors in the business area. From the small 12-inch subnotebook to the large 15-inch laptop, dynabook has everything that modern companies need today.

Examples of this are dynabook laptops such as the Portégé X30-F, the Tecra X40-F and the Tecra X50-F:

dynabook Portégé X30-F
The Portégé X30-F is a compact 13.3-inch laptop, a representative of a category that used to be called a subnotebook. It was primarily developed for users who are constantly on the move and who need a business notebook that is as compact and light as possible.

Dynabook Tecra X40-F
14 inches is the most popular laptop size in the business sector. The Tecra X40-F caters to this market and is therefore particularly suitable for employees who appreciate a slightly larger display and are a little less “on the road” than their colleagues with the Portégé X30-F.

Dynabook Tecra X50-F
With a 15.6-inch screen, the Tecra X50-F is the largest of the three selected dynabook laptops. The larger display is particularly convenient, but due to its size, this product series is best suited for desk use.

Dynabook business notebooks: more than just a variety of connections
Back to the initial question: What can business laptops like the dynabook Tecras and dynabook Portégés actually offer that private customer laptops don’t have? A closer look reveals: a lot!

Stable construction
Instead of only paying attention to the smallest possible height, dynabook attaches great importance to the most stable and durable housing possible in the design of its business machines. dynabooks in the X and A series must pass the stringent Mil-STD-810G tests. That includes ten stress tests, ranging from fall, dust and temperature tests. That is why dynabook designs many Portégé and Tecra laptops also from magnesium, a particularly light and at the same time robust material. The result of these efforts is particularly low failure rates. Should a dynabook show a defect, business customers will not only get the fully repaired laptop in the first year with the Reliability Guarantee, but also the full purchase price. All you need to do is register within 30 days of purchase. *

Simple design
Optics are more important than some think. Business laptops like the Tecra X40-F give their users an aura of dynamism and seriousness thanks to their simple yet chic design. The days of the thick, old, black case are also over for business notebooks, because the dynabooks of the X series are thinner than 18 mm and their subtle dark blue color makes them stand out from the gray mass.

Die Tastaturen der dynabook Laptops bieten Tasten mit einem angenehm langen Hub sowie einen AccuPoint Pointing-Stick (modellabhängig)

Great input devices
In addition to the display and touchpad, the keyboard is probably the component of a laptop with which the user interacts most. This is especially true, of course, if you use your notebook productively. Fortunately, business laptops like the Portégé X30-F offer comfortable, backlit keyboards. In contrast to some ultra-thin laptops for private customers, the buttons on the dynabooks also have a carefully metered stroke. In addition, some Tecras and Portégés integrate an AccuPoint pointing stick in the middle of the keyboard. It is a good alternative to the existing touchpad, because it allows the mouse pointer to be moved quickly without the user having to take his hands off the keyboard.

Security: The crucial feature of professional laptops
Security is essential in a professional environment and the dynabooks offer all the features you want. The BIOS of the Portégé and Tecra laptops was developed by dynabook itself for greater security. The exclusion of third parties guarantees that no unauthorized person can access the security-critical firmware. If an unauthorized person tries to gain access to a dynabook, this can be prevented with the Windows Hello infrared camera and the fingerprint reader. It is up to the users which log-in method is preferred. A slot for a security lock as an anti-theft device is of course also available.

These features are flanked by other functions. This includes the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0, which protects the dynabooks from unauthorized access. At the same time, dynabook supports “Dynamic Root of Trust for Measurement” (DRTM): With this software, Windows can determine whether the computer was manipulated before starting up.

The security package is rounded off by a mechanical camera cover, which can be pushed in front of the lens of the webcam if necessary, thus guaranteeing the user’s privacy.

Conclusion: Dynabooks show that business laptops are still the better choice
Security, stability, comfort, reliability: these are the values that business laptops still stand for today. dynabook Tecra laptops and dynabook Portégé notebooks combine these values with an attractive, modern design that doesn’t have to hide from the hip consumer laptops and at the same time exudes the necessary seriousness. Of course, dynabook also installs the latest Intel Core i processors as well as sufficient RAM and SSD memory in its current models, thus guaranteeing high-performance platforms for daily work.

Dynabook continues Toshiba’s long tradition as a laptop manufacturer and also brings numerous innovations to its business machines. Corporate but also private customers who need reliable and progressive laptops will find the ideal partner in dynabook.

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