A first photo of the Google Pixel 4a has appeared. The device to be seen coincides with the last render images, so it seems as if Google is actually relying on only one rear camera, but the camera hump is still large and square.

VolFiona has shared the two pictures on Slashleaks, which show the pixel 4a from the front and back. As before in the render images, the smartphone shows itself as an almost borderless device with a selfie camera in the display, a fingerprint sensor on the back and a single main camera in the square module. However, this does not necessarily have to be a big disadvantage if the quality of the camera is as good as that of the Pixel 4 (here is our test).

The complex, expensive and large sensor phalanx above the screen of the Google Pixel 4 (from 529 euros on Amazon) seems to be history – the limited gesture control should not have been worth the extra charge and the large display edges for most users. It is still unclear whether Google will use an LCD or OLED for the screen, which is probably around 5.7 inches in size.

There is hardly any information about the other technology, rumors generally go out of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 or a Snapdragon 765. The latter would be particularly interesting since Google could then offer a 5G variant, which would make the Pixel 4a one of the most interesting mid-range 5G smartphones on the market. Production of the Pixel 4a is scheduled to start in April, and the launch of the device is expected around the Google I / O date in mid-May.


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