Once again, the well-known American Leaker Evan Blass leaked an official render image for the Huawei P40, but this time as a group photo. All three P40 flagships are put together in this fanned out group picture and show their individual differences in relation to the respective camera modules.

It is not yet two weeks before Huawei will officially present the P40 trio in a global online event. Individual official render images have already been seen in the past, and the specifications and gross differences between the regular P40, the P40 Pro and the Premium Edition that was added for the first time this year, probably under the name P40 Pro P, have already been outlined in broad outline .

In the group photo above, shows all three P40 models, albeit in a colorful jumble. There is also a lot of variety in terms of colors, but the mint green option that has already appeared is not yet included here. It has not yet been confirmed that this and earlier images are actually the official render images, however, the hit rate of the Evan Blass sneaker was very high in the past, and the images correspond exactly to earlier ones. In the following sections of the photo above the three identified P40 variants with their likely names:

Huawei P40
The basic version offers three regular cameras with a focal length range between 17 and 80 mm. A new 52 megapixel RYYB main sensor, ultra wide-angle and 3x zoom optics can be assumed here.

Huawei P40 Pro
So next we see the Huawei flagship, probably named P40 Pro, in the group picture, as in the previous year for the P30 Pro with 5x periscope zoom optics and four cameras, including a new 52 megapixel main sensor, probably a 40 megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera , the mentioned telephoto cam and the 3D TOF sensor – the specified focal length ranges from 18 to 125 mm equivalent.

Huawei P40 Pro P
Last but not least, we were also able to identify the most exciting model, the P40 Pro P positioned directly against the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. This “Premium Edition” adds a camera to the Pro model and also integrates an optical 10x zoom lens for the first time on a periscope basis, which is also expressed in the specified focal length range between 18 mm and 240 mm. Apart from this, there should also be a second zoom lens, an intermediate stage, so to speak, for better zoom quality at less dramatic magnifications.


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