The story seems familiar – journalists are shown an unpublished smartphone in advance, which they can even take pictures of from some sides. Supposedly, it is a prototype of the P40 family, which officially starts in late March. If the story from the previous year repeats itself, the final models look very different.

First you react enthusiastically to the latest story about digital trends: Hey – Huawei shows its P40 almost a month before the official launch, how unusual is that? Yes and then you remember – wait – there was a story like that. Exactly: On February 25, 2019, almost exactly to the day a year ago, Digital Trends showed an alleged Huawei phone in advance, specifically the P30 Pro. At that time, the journalists happened to wander into a Huawei room at the Mobile World Congress and found the prototype that was not working.

This time there was of course no Mobile World Congress and the story is a little different. Accordingly, a Huawei employee put the as yet unpublished smartphone on the table in front of the Digital Trends editors, who were even allowed to photograph it and apparently take it with them to the daylight – but not filming it from the front. A somewhat unusual story, something like that stays in your memory. In principle, it is of course great if Huawei shows its prototypes in advance – the only problem: In the previous year, the final model looked very different.

In this respect, we prefer to warn right away that the pictures below and above with their code names in the lettering look very much like Huawei cell phones, but most likely show an already outdated design, especially since they neither have the appearance of the P40 Lite nor the previously leaked render images of P40, P40 Pro or P40 Pro P match. Of course, these do not necessarily have to be correct – but we definitely have our doubts that Huawei is already showing us the final design of a P40. Certainly this is not the P40 Pro P with 10x optical zoom, but you can see a periscope optic, so it could possibly be a predecessor to the P40 Pro or P40.


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