The recently emerged snippets of code from Apple’s next large operating system for the iPhone and iPad prove to be extremely revealing. The latest news: the iPad can soon be controlled almost entirely with a mouse or a trackpad, similar to a MacBook.

The iOS 14 code has already provided information about a new Guardian Angel function in the Apple Watch and has given a first look at Apple’s own over-ear headphones. Now 9to5Mac reports that Apple is planning system-wide mouse support for iPadOS 14 that goes far beyond what was introduced in iPadOS 13.

Most of the mouse features that you already know from Windows and macOS should also come to the iPad. A major difference is that the mouse pointer disappears if you do not touch the mouse or the trackpad for a few seconds. As soon as you move the pointer, it reappears. Otherwise, it behaves in principle exactly as you would expect: If you drive over a link, the pointer changes to a hand.

Even gestures should be developed that are similar to those on the Mac. For example, you can right-click by clicking on the trackpad with two fingers. It should also be very likely that Apple’s new smart keyboard with integrated trackpad will support multi-touch gestures. Tap to click is also supported in the software, so you don’t have to press the trackpad down to click.

The code contains the model numbers for two different smart keyboards – presumably, like the current smart keyboard (from 189 euros on Amazon), a model for the smaller and for the larger iPad Pro will again be available


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