Lenovo has announced a number of new PC products in line with CES 2020. The number of models will be large, but the most distinctive of them — in other words, the model — is this Thinkbook Plus.

Lenovo Thinkbook Plus


Gallery: Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Back and Side Dual Screen Notebook | 1 of 7 photosThe biggest feature is that the ink electronic paper “cover display” that supports paint input is installed on the top surface (if the back is open), despite being a 13.3-inch clamshell-type Windows 10 notebook PC. The color LCD on the main screen, together with a “notebook PCID with two different screens at the front and back of the screen”.

This cover display is designed for use with a sub-display of a mobile phone, where you want to test the notes and drawings with the pen not open, and various notices. Scheduled for release in the U.S. in March 2020, starting at $ 1,199.

Speaking of Lenovo’s pen input compatible notebook PCs, we combine a so-called yoke charm (360 degree rotation hinge) compatible model, but the hinges of this unit are a process for a so-called clamshell type, ordinary notebook PCs. You cannot rotate the main screen outward.

However, when you hear “Lenovo-colored LCD + electronic paper 2-screen notebook PC”, the company is reminiscent of “Yoga Book C930” published in 2018, but this electronic paper screen is a software keyboard and handwritten memo tablet, and PDF. To display some documents such as files.

On the other hand, this unit is just as common as a written memo tablet, but others are basically meant to display notification information. In this case it can be called the same national constitution (and the use of it) with screen orientation.

Usually, it becomes a dashboard that updates and displays regular schedules, notifications, weather information, etc. in synchronization with Office 365 and can instantly input the handwriting by pressing the attached pen button. Handwritten content is synced directly to OneNote, so you can search and copy and paste it as text.

Although the details are unknown, it is also possible to display a screen saver when the cover display is not used. We request that we respond to custom requests.

Lenovo Thinkbook Plus

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As a notebook PC, it originally belonged to the Thinkbook Series for SOHO and is a relatively basic mobile notebook PC.

The original screen is a 13.3-inch, with IPS type Full HD resolution. It also supports the Dolby Vision HDR video source with a three-sided narrow bezel design.

The CPU is equipped with Intel’s tenth generation core, and is used for SSD storage. Depending on the configuration, it seems that Optane H10 (Optane Memory for SSD + Cache) can be installed. For biometric authentication, a fingerprint sensor that doubles as a power button is installed

However, it is the configuration of the front and rear screens of this unit that at first glance looks like a thing, but it is actually an amazingly reasonable implementation if you think it is for memos that you want to write ideas fast and display notifications.

Lenovo Thinkbook Plus

For example, if you want to write a note (using a pen), or check for a notification as soon as possible for an idea to ignite, it is more convenient to use the screen and pen without opening the screen. It has to be sure.

In addition, it’s best to always display notifications with no activity when possible, because you want to see when you want to avoid notifications. From this point of view, we accept electronic paper that can always appear with low power consumption you If you think about it, the technical theory is working and it certainly seems convenient.

However, as a practical, looking at implementation as a machine, it is certainly an interesting model that will “excite the mind as a perverted machine lover”. Anyway, this Thinkbook Plus is definitely a very unique and challenging laptop.

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