The French manufacturer Linutop has presented several new PC systems. These are based either on the Raspberry Pi 4 or the up board.

The Raspberry Pi is a very widespread and therefore well-supported single-board computer, which is also supplied with accessories by commercial manufacturers. There are also – in some cases significantly more powerful alternatives such as the Odyssey, which is also compatible with Windows 10.

The French manufacturer Linutop has now presented several compact PC systems, which are also and especially aimed at professional users. Both the Linutop XS and XS3 and the Linutop 6 are intended as the basis for a digital signage system or a web kiosk. also offers its own Linux operating system based on Xubuntu or Raspbian, which should provide a particularly simple and coordinated user experience – but is also subject to a fee.

The Linutop XS is the variant based on the Raspberry Pi. The aluminum housing promises high stability. Alternatively, a version based on the Raspberry Pi 3 is offered, for which a price of 209 instead of 189 euros is called.

The Linutop 6 is based on an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 and therefore not on an ARM processor. The Atom processor can use two gigabytes of RAM, the internal memory measures 16 gigabytes. According to CNX software, the system is based on a newer variant of the up single-board computer. The Atom variant benefits with 289 euros, whereby potential buyers should particularly benefit from the software support.


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