A whole bunch of prophecies about the iPhone 12, iPhone SE 2 aka “iPhone” as well as the new iPad Pro models and beyond have recently been delivered free to a YouTube video. Apple apparently is planning a lot of news, especially on the subject of cameras, from macro mode to better ultra-wide-angle optics and 64 megapixel sensors. There is already some detailed information regarding the year 2021.

In cooperation with the XDA-Developer-Leaker Max Weinbach, who played a major role in the past leaks related to the Samsung Galaxy S20, the YouTube channel “EverythingApplePro” recently published a video full of prophecies and “leaks” that was not only about the upcoming one iPhone 12 appeals to some exciting new features. Even if Max has proven his insider insights on Android topics, we would be a little cautious when it comes to Apple leaks, given the sometimes very early but nevertheless concrete information. In any case, here is a summary of the innovations mentioned about Apple’s mobile products for 2020 and beyond:

iPhone SE 2 aka iPhone 9 aka iPhone
The planned March event could be replaced by a simple press release, a livestream event or a website refresh due to the corona virus crisis.
One of the products planned for March may have been postponed to September – but which is not known.
The iPhone SE successor is on the verge of mass production, Apple wants to have the delays in the production of various Apple products under control in the second quarter of 2020 – something that Tim Cook recently hinted at to reassure its investors.
iPad Pro 2020
As already reported several times, the new iPad Pro models of 2020 are to be equipped with triple cam, and an additional 3D TOF sensor should also be on board.
As a new accessory, a keyboard cover with backlit keys and trackpad is offered, which has also been rumored separately.
Apple AirTags
The Bluetooth trackers expected for the end of 2019 will probably start in 2020 and should cover four times the distance based on the Bluetooth Low Energy standard, as iOS 13.4 beta software suggests.
A special lost mode can be activated manually by the user, it is still unclear whether this will also make the way to the final product.
iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro
Apple is testing 64 megapixel cameras for the next iPhone 12 generation, presumably based on Sony sensors.
A new ultra wide-angle camera is said to capture 35 percent more light, presumably through a larger aperture, possibly F / 1.6 or F / 1.7.
The new ultra-wide-angle camera should also support macro shots from a distance of 2.2 cm.
From iPhone 12, night mode should also work with the selfie cam and with the telephoto and ultra-wide-angle cameras.
Smart HDR mode is improved.
The battery in the iPhone 12 Pro Max should grow by about 10 percent to about 4,400 mAh.
iOS 14 probably doesn’t bring much new things, but should improve stability.
Various leaks for 2021
Apple is reportedly experimenting with periscope lenses, but not like with Android phones for a more extensive zoom function, but to reduce the size of the sensors on the front and thereby reduce the size of the notch. However, that should only be a hit in the following years and not yet in the iPhone 12 of 2020.
From the fourth quarter of 2020 and especially in 2021, more and more mini LED displays are likely to appear in Apple products, not only in Apple’s MacBooks but also in the higher-quality iPad Pro tablets.
The 5 nm Qualcomm X60 modem is to be used in the iPhones of 2021, which has already been confirmed by an official document.
A new OS recovery was recently discovered in iOS 13.4 and is intended to enable iOS to be restored even without a cable connection to a computer – of course, this makes particular sense for a potentially completely portless iPhone, which may already be on the market in 2021 is coming.

source:https://twitter.com/MaxWinebach via: youtu.be/_C6df6X8_jE

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