Moment offers a whole range of lenses for smartphones and tablets. So far, however, you had to buy a separate case for each device to be able to mount it. With the new universal lens holder this is now a thing of the past.

If you have a smartphone without a quad camera or simply want to convert the 108 megapixel main camera of your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (from 1,349 euros on Amazon) into an ultra-wide-angle or telephoto camera, Moment offers a large selection with its M-series lenses on, from the 14 mm fisheye lens to the 58 mm telephoto lens, even an anamorphic lens is in the program.

With the new M-Series Lens Mount, these can now be used on practically any smartphone as long as it is not thicker than 10.75 millimeters. The lenses can even be mounted on the front camera or the webcam of a laptop. The Apple iPad Pro (from 799 euros on Amazon) or the Amazon Fire Phone are also part of the long list of compatible devices.

Moment is shipping its M-Series Lens Mount from March 20 at a price of $ 29.99, orders will be taken directly from the manufacturer’s website. If you order a moment lens of the M series, you can grab the holder with the voucher code “freemount” for free.

The lenses are largely independent of the camera app used. For the anamorphic lens, however, the in-house Moment Pro Camera App is required, which is currently only available for the iPhone. Support for the Android version was discontinued recently due to the large differences in the camera hardware of different Android smartphones.


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