Nokia and Ericsson won a fifth generation (5G) mobile communications project in Taiwan.Taiwan’s largest telecommunications company, China Telecom, has decided to purchase 5G equipment from Nokia and Ericsson, respectively, worth USD 3.55 billion (approximately 14.5 billion won) and USD 3.53 billion (approximately 141.1 billion won).

This is the result of Taiwan’s first 5G bid.

China Telecom plans to commercialize 5G and build more than 1000 5G base stations before the Tokyo Olympics.

The company plans to build at least 2000 5G base stations by the end of the year.

Not only China Telecom, but also Taiwan, FET (FarEasTone) is preparing for 5G project.

The three major carriers in Taiwan are expected to spend about 20 billion Taiwan dollars (approximately 799 billion won) to purchase 5G equipment this year.

They plan to build 5G using non-alone (NSA) method that works with 4G and 5G, and gradually transition to 5G alone (SA) method before the end of the year.

Previously, Taiwan chose Nokia and Ericsson equipment even when building 4G networks.

Meanwhile, in the Taiwan 5G frequency auction, China Telecom is 3.5㎓ 90MHz wide and 28㎓ 600MHz wide, FET 3.5㎓ 80MMHz wide and 28㎓ 400MHz wide. MHz wide, Taiwan and 28 ㎓ 200 ㎒ wide.

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