Google Stadia is not the only video game streaming service that has its problems. After Activision Blizzard and Bethesda, two major publishers had their problems with the service, 2K Games says goodbye and takes all of their games with them, Epic Games promises to support them.

After a long beta test, GeForce Now has finally been available to all customers since February. The service can be used completely free of charge with a few restrictions, or can be enjoyed for 5.49 euros as a monthly subscription in better quality.

With one million users and more than 1,500 games after just one month, the launch was quite successful. But there are problems especially from the side of the game developers and publishers, who are sometimes not even asked before their titles land on the platform. Activision Blizzard has now removed all of its games from GeForce Now, while Bethesda has at least left Wolfenstein: Youngblood at Nvidia. After all, the list of available games is still extremely long.

2K Games says goodbye
As announced by Nvidia, all 2K Games games have been removed by GeForce Now at the publisher’s request. These include popular titles such as Bioshock Infinite and Borderlands 3. We have not yet received any explanation from the publisher.

Customers are understandably upset about this, especially since some customers purchased 2K Games games through a store of their choice and then streamed them through GeForce Now, which is no longer possible.

Epic Games promises support
In a perfectly timed tweet, Epic boss Tim Sweeney assures the full support of the company. This applies not only to the in-house and extremely popular game Fortnite, but also to titles that are distributed via the Epic Games Store, as long as the respective publishers have nothing against it. Even the exclusive titles of the store are said to be available for streaming.

source: Nvidia & Tim Sweeney (Twitter)


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