one plus 7T

Last week OnePlus 7T improvements current and future smartphones. OnePlus 7T improvements coming to current and future smartphones. Pro is now the standard OnePlus 7T received a serious upgrade.

one plus 7t
one plus 7t

The OnePlus brand has always been famous

OnePlus 7T improvements current and future smartphones. its high-quality and fairly cheap flagship smartphones. All this time, the manufacturer sought to work closely with the community and users to achieve a successful result. the model now has the features that were available only in the Pro version. OnePlus 7T sounds very good, but how will the new affordable flagship show itself in practice? Let’s get it together.Today we have another new review from the Chinese manufacturer – OnePlus 7T. During the review, we will try to find out whether the new model deserves the attention of customers.
one plus
one plus

Oneplus 7T

OnePlus 7T improvements current and future smartphones. In fact, the device received the capabilities of OnePlus 7 Pro in a compact case with a more powerful filling and some innovations – all at a very attractive price. It is also worth mentioning the main features of the smartphone: a display with a frequency of 90 Hz and a triple camera.
one plus
one plus

In turn

The leaks claim that the OnePlus 7T Pro will appear a little later in 2019, but will not differ so much from its counterpart as in the previous generation. In theory, the 7T Pro will be larger, due to which it will have a more capacious battery and a camera with a higher optical zoom ratio. In a word, everything goes to the fact that the OnePlus 7T will be much more interesting and cheaper than the 7T Pro.


Rating rating version Date Model Weight Height Size Resolution Low price
86% 7 10/2019 OnePlus 7T

855+, Adreno 640 190g 8.13mm 6.55 “2400×1080

from EUR

85% 7 09/2019 OnePlus 7
855, Adreno 640 182 g 8.2 mm 6.41 “2340×1080
from EUR 609

86% 7 05/2019 OnePlus 7 Pro
855, Adreno 640 206 g 8.8 mm 6.67 “3120×1440
from EUR 819

89% 6 08/2019 Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro
855, Adreno 640 191 g 8.8 mm 6.39 “2340×1080
from EUR 470

87% 7 10/2019 Apple iPhone 11
A13 Bionic, A13 Bionic GPU 194 g 8.3 mm 6.1 “1792×828
from EUR 799

85% 7 04/2019 Samsung Galaxy S10e
9820, Mali-G76 MP12 150 g 7.9 mm 5.8 “2280×1080
from EUR 800
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