Remote control has come to the fore as a forgotten password of our time: very often we try to answer the question incorrectly. One of our devices where we stand at a certain time seemed like a dissolving dilemma for a long time and it still seems global.

Apple, of course, has fixed a large number of problems with its devices. And no one praises. It should have been

It was pretty obvious that there was not a physical remote solution the They still add up today, even when I smile in car hi-fi. Then they see that everything from the app can be controlled, and if we do, a single phone will be public. But then it turned out that our phone wasn’t always with us, and “Where’s that SAAR?”

A good answer is the HomePod and usually the digital assistant. This can be realized through Alexa, smart speakers at different points of the apartment to control our voice with all Angel devices. This can be done with Siri. After the development of the command application, we have virtually set out what our English text should be.

But there are situations when we want to move a bit quieter and more quickly, remotely. And the Apple Watch is so good.

Apple Watch log 5

The home has an Apple TV and a HomePod. What’s great about the watch is that if anyone plays a piece, its title will appear on the Apple Watch with soft keys. I can choose to stop it, restart, move on, anything else. And not just with native applications, I can control YouTube just as elegantly, and I can have a touch-sensitive remote control for my Apple TV in my wrist if I don’t have an instant button. And with Series 5, I don’t even have to pick up the clock to see the dashboard: the control option automatically appears in my arm.

If the music in the living room is too loud, I don’t have to say “Hey Siri, volume down” or the like (“quiet” is the quickest instruction you can understand), but turn the crown on my wrist. Done. The volume bar responds instantly and the music fades.

This can be done with a remote control application, you can view all your devices here and get them in a passive state. It doesn’t always work, I can’t always access HomePod without these. This is not the best part, however, but the automatic pop-up mentioned above. Whenever the content is gone, the content appears with the most important effects on your wrist. And it works. It works fine

This is a complication where you can also set a dial, so that when the face of the watch is activated you can always see the current content.

It couldn’t be better now. If it can be resolved that my finger is pointing to a passive device and its settings are displayed on my wrist, we have solved the problem of remote control once and for all.


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