As the summer model gaming note of ASUS, the 17th model “GX701GXR” of the ultra-thin explosion machine “ROG Zephyrus S” that I was most worried about reached the editorial department.

The Zephyrus series that appeared in 2017 is the first new design note using MAX-Q technology just announced by NVIDIA. Although it is a 15-inch slim body, the “structure” that opens the bottom in conjunction with the liquid crystal and becomes a large intake port was a major feature.

At that time, the GeForce GTX1070 / 1080 was installed in MAX-Q on the 7th generation TDP45W4 core 8-thread H processor i7-7700HQ. In the spring model released in March 2019, the original thickness (16.9-17.9 mm) was further reduced to 15.35-16.15 mm. Nevertheless, the cooling capacity has improved, the 6-core i7-8750H is installed, and the RTX2070 / 2080 GPU has been installed in the MAX-Q. And in this summer 2019 model, 17 type was added.

Even though it has RTX

The world’s thinnest gaming notebook

This 17-inch model (GX701GXR) is equipped with the 9th generation core H and GeForce RTX2080 in MAX-Q, realizing a thickness of 18.7 mm. The 15-inch model “GX531GWR” is equipped with RTX2070 with MAX-Q and realizes 16.15 mm. Both of these are “the thinnest in the world”.

For both sizes, the i7-9750H with 6 cores / 12 threads at a maximum of 4.5 GHz is used. In addition, a 144Hz + 3ms high-speed drive type liquid crystal is installed. The resolution is full HD for both sizes, and of course “non-glare, non-touch”.

The main memory is 32GB for 17-inch and 24GB for 15-inch, and it is not easy to install 1TB of SSD. However, in the spec table, 17 type is PCIe3.0x2 connection and 15 type is x4 connection.

As for USB related interface, USB3.1Gen2 type C × 1, Gen1 type C × 1, type A × 1 and USB3.0 type A × 2 are stacked in total, so there will be no shortage.

The front keyboard is the same

Improved sound with left and right speakers

The size of the 17-inch is 399 x 272 mm, and the 15-inch is 360 x 268 mm, so the width is 39 mm, but the depth is only 4 mm. The 17-inch has a weight of 2.65 kg and the 15-inch has a difference of 2.1 kg and 550 grams.

Now, the overall design has not changed since 2017, and the most distinctive feature is that the keyboard is installed in front of you. There is a mother boat inside the LCD and the keyboard, and heat

from the CPU and GPU is not transmitted from the keyboard to the user’s fingertips, and many small holes are made in this middle part to inhale, making it more efficient The purpose is to perform proper cooling.

The keyboard has the same design for both sizes, and only the English layout that Uncle likes. The touchpad on the right side of the main key can be used as a numeric keypad by pressing the numeric keypad and a red number will appear.

は The pointing device is on the right side, that is, operate it with your right hand only. The normal center touchpad allows you to point and push with both hands, but it’s a little impossible at this position, and you have to do everything from pointing to dragging with your right hand just like you use a mouse.

Power of turbo mode

Finally FireStrike 18000

PortRoyale has exceeded 5000 !!!

I tried a familiar benchmark test. It is executed by specifying Turbo mode of ArmoryCrate.

First, the CPU value of Cinebench is marked 1299. Although it did not reach the last minute 1300, it is the highest value in the notebook equipped with i7-9750H.

Even 3Dmark set a record (although it was within my uncle’s experience), and FireStrike gave 18826, the highest value for a single GPU laptop.

And in RayRoying’s PortRoyale, which has been implemented since GeForce became RTX, 5007 was the first time to exceed the ground. Although it is slim, it has a multi-hole board on the main board and an open bottom, which is the power of a large amount of cooling air intake.

However, even if the most fans turn, there will be no strange treble or noisy noises. The exhaust is designed to diffuse in all directions, on the back and left and right sides of the body.

SSD is equipped with Intel’s SSDPEKNW 1TB model, but as the specification says PCIe3.0x2, the result is slower than x4, CrystalDiskmark’s multi-sequential read stayed at 1562, but the light reversed to 1701 As a result.

The battery is equipped with 76Wh, the LCD brightness is maximum with the familiar BBench, and the Crate is set to Windows, and it has run for 1 hour 30 minutes when it achieves the highest performance. In Crate’s silent mode, it operates for 2 hours, so it is energy-saving considering the power consumption of the 17-inch LCD.

The AC adapter is a 19.5V11.8A 230W output type and weighs 804 grams including the cable. When charging under the same conditions as above, charging is 33 minutes up to 50%, 54 minutes up to 70%, and 82 minutes up to 90%. If you can charge half in 30 minutes, there is no concern at all.

Top-level laptop

Entering the ultra-thin era

The two new Zeffy models are equipped with the same CPU of the 9th generation core, and the biggest difference is the LCD size and GeForceRTX 2070 or 2080.

The depth is only 5mm and the weight is 500g. The thermal design is at the highest level, and both the CPU and GPU rotate at the maximum. The rest is how much to carry and how to think about the difference of 500 grams.

In any case, it is a monster notebook that can be used as a creator PC or a mobile workstation, as it is a super-fast ultra-thin gaming notebook, and it is monolith-touch solid and smart in design. Let’s buy it!

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