The next hammer before the official launch: Now all specs of the soon to be launched Samsung Galaxy Buds + leaked TWS earbuds have surfaced and reveal what features the next wireless in-ear headphones have as Apple AirPods competitors on board.

Pre-orderers in Europe apparently get the brand new Galaxy Buds + as a TWS headset for free with the premium mobile flag from Samsung when they buy a Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Samsung Galaxy Buds All specs leaked app for Apple iPhone already there were several leaks that revealed some details of the upcoming True Wireless earbuds Galaxy Buds +.


Now the complete spec sheet for the Galaxy Buds + has appeared

According to the technical data, the new completely wireless Bluetooth 5 in-ear headphones take on the look and feel of the previous earphones Samsung Galaxy Buds. However, the new Samsung Galaxy Buds+ with 6.3 grams are slightly heavier (Galaxy Buds: 5.6 g), but have a stronger 85 mAh battery on board. The charging case also offers a higher capacity of 270 mAh.Samsung Galaxy Buds All specs leaked app for Apple iPhone already.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds and the charging case will keep their dimensions, although the Buds+ are expected to be 10% heavier – 6.3 grams per bud. The earbuds power cells on the inside will hold greater capacity, leading to almost doubling playtime on a single charge.

Samsung also promises a significantly longer battery life of up to 11 hours of play time on the data sheet for the Galaxy Buds + in-ear earphones. Via Fast Charge, the new Plus Buds can even be recharged for just 60 minutes of music in just 3 minutes.Samsung buds all specs leaked app forĀ  iPhone already. Like the previous buds, the buds + are only protected against water according to IPX2. Samsung donates more microphones and adaptive noise isolation (ANI) to its Buds Plus.

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