Although smartphones with foldable displays have not yet gone through the roof in terms of sales technology, a rapidly increasing demand is assumed for the future. Samsung has therefore announced that it will be expanding its foldable display production to 1 million a month by the end of the year.

1 million foldable displays per month would quadruple the current production rate. The South Korean manufacturer currently produces around 260,000 foldable panels per month. By the end of May, this number is expected to grow to up to 600,000 and then reach 1 million at the end of the year.

Samsung Display has just announced the construction of a new factory in Vietnam, in addition to the general increase in production, a measure to be able to achieve the ambitious goal in the future. This may not be the only new factory that Samsung is currently planning to build.

Meanwhile, Samsung is preparing to launch a new foldable smartphone for the second half of the year after the Galaxy Flip was released in the first half of the year. But not only Samsung Electronics is a buyer of foldable displays from Samsung Display, the company also ships its panels to other manufacturers and their demand is also likely to rise sharply in the medium term.


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