The iPad mini has appeared as a smaller model of Apple’s tablet “iPad”, which has been released every year in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2012, since the first release.

However, the model continues to sell without change after the iPad mini 4 released in 20, and until the release of this fifth-generation iPad mini in March 2019, there is a sign that a new model will be present for almost 4 years 2019, and the lineup itself is one. The kind of light that can be emitted at any time. In that sense, there are very few users who stroke their bust with the appearance of this new model.

From the Apple A8 chip, to the iPhone 6 generation processor in 2015, to the latest iPhone XS generation A12 bionic chip, the performance has evolved dramatically, and while it’s a first-generation thing, it also has Apple Pencil in correspondence. As for the housing design, there is no fancy appearance in terms of performance enhancement compared to the model of the 20, but it can be said that this new iPad is a special model introduced to suit specific market needs.

Apple needs a smaller model of the iPhone series, Apple has released a special model “iPhone SE” equipped with the conventional model “small iPhone 5S housing” + “iPhone 6S performance”, you can see that the iPad has taken a similar approach.

This is the fifth generation iPad mini. It doesn’t have a rounded corner frame like the 2018 model’s iPad Pro, but it does have an appearance that follows a conventional style that you might not think is a brand new terminal in 2019. Accordingly, the naming convention of the conventional model that was numbered as the iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 4 has been abolished, and it has reverted to the “iPad Mini 5” instead of the number “iPad Mini 5”.

Touch ID fingerprints are mounted on the upper and lower thick bezels of authentication, providing a familiar feeling of protection.

The cellular model purchased this time has a thin antenna line to fit the latest model iPad.

The bottom part is not a USB-C fitted to the iPad Pro, but a power terminal. This region follows the previous generation iPad mini 4.

Apple iPad Mini 5

Evolution of Performance from the iPad Mini 4

As noted above, the appearance change from the iPad mini 4 is subtle, but the performance has evolved significantly. Below is an overview.

Apple A8 → Apple A12 Bionic


ESIM is installed

Apple Pencil (1st generation) compatible

Equipped with wide color gamut display (P3)

Display supports true tone

In-camera has grown from 1.2 million pixels to 7 million pixels

In addition to the processing performance of the iPhone XS generation Apple A12 Bionic, the amount of RAM has been increased, raising the appropriate equipment for the 2019 model such as ESIM compatible which is standard for other iPads of the current top model and True Tone which adjusts the screen according to ambient lighting.

Regarding the Apple Pencil, it does not support the new generation new Apple Pencil with the latest iPad Pro (2018 model), but it supports the “Apple” and the original Apple Pencil of the old iPad Pro. This is the first 7.9-inch iPad mini series to support Apple Pencil.

The front camera has been improved from 1.2 million pixels to 7 million pixels, so the performance of video calls has also improved.

The processing performance is perfect

With only the Apple A12 Bionic chip installed, the Antutu benchmark score is pretty high at 370,000 levels. It’s a bit higher level than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and I think there’s almost no dissatisfaction with the processing functionality. If this is a WiFi model, the actual sale price is less than 50,000 yen with tax, so it is an exceptional expense performance considering the processing performance and the price compared to the price.

Try to develop a mirrorless single lens raw

I tried to use it instead of the iPad Pro 11-inch model that I usually use for data capture and rearrange single-lens camera photos. Capture uses an Apple Genuine Lightning Terminal SD Card Reader.

We use Adobe’s Lightroom CC to retrieve formatted photos taken with a single-lens mirrorless camera. If my camera and iPad mini were together, it would be a great crop to be able to edit photos on a medium-sized large screen very easily anytime and anywhere, as I could get the fix done pretty quickly.

Also, this time it’s the first iPad mini series to support Apple Pencil (first generation). Using the same pen tip as the Apple Pencil, and reduced pen pressure support, the low-cost logitech crayon is compatible, charging with a lightening cable rather than the original Apple pencil, in addition to being useful for adjusting details making it suitable for photo retouching that doesn’t require pen pressure. It is possible to use this combination as a small photo reconstruction machine Quite easy to rate.

The 11-inch iPad Pro used before the iPad mini had high processing performance and a large screen, and although the photo-resizing application was comfortable, it was a model that selected bags and luggage, with a 12-inch MacBook size and weight. On the other hand, the iPad mini has a compact size that fits in the pocket of a small bag, so if you keep it with the camera, no problem. Because it weighs about 300 grams, which is lighter than most camera lenses, I felt it was appropriate to fit a camera.

Combine with a magic keyboard for a comfortable writing machine

The iPad was good for adjusting to Apple’s Magic Keyboard which I usually use on the Mac. If you stand alone with a pure smart cover, you can use it on a desktop computer like a laptop and complete a cozy writing environment with compact luggage. You can also use keyboard shortcuts like copy paste and come back home.

The advantage of using a pure Apple keyboard instead of a third-party keyboard is that you can type characters using the Japanese Kana / alphabet key in a JIS layout. If you attach a simple JIS layout Bluetooth keyboard to the iPad, it will be recognized as a US keyboard, so if you want to type characters into a GIS layout, there is only Apple Genuine product, except for some. If you want to input long sentences like Japanese using Macs and alphabet keys, then iPad + Magic Keyboard is a suggested combination.

Apple iPad Mini 5

USB PD (Power Delivery) compatible

This is a conservative update, but this 5th generation iPad mini can be charged with a USB PD using the Lightning cable from USB-C. As with the latest iPhone, the charging time is very short, so it is a must have for a USB PD compatible charger. We recommend the Anchor’s GaN-based compact charger. Accepting GaN (Gallium Nitride) An AC adapter states that it is possible to get 30W output equal to a genuine 12-inch MacBook while feeling a compact size for a genuine charger for the iPhone, and has a purpose other than the iPad output it as an item without loss.

If you carry a small PD-adaptive AC adapter with you, you can quickly charge your iPad mini in a cafe with an outlet, so it’s a very easy thing to use as a portable terminal.

A12 + TouchID + earphone jack is rare

As mentioned earlier, the fifth-generation iPad mini has a performance that beats the benchmark score higher than the iPhone XS series. With these performances, Touch ID fingerprint authentication and earphone jack installed are actually a rare position among Apple products.

The latest iPhone with Touch ID fingerprint authentication is the iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus, and the A11, the previous generation of the installed processor. While this will be a tablet, it seems to be an option alongside the iPad Air 3 released at the same time as the high-performance terminal equipped with the current processor equipped with Touch ID.

Also, looking at the iPad lineup, the iPad Pro has canceled Touch ID and changed to the Face ID, the earphone jack has also been removed, so for those who are resistant to such changes, I was very grateful to this model.

In fact, the iPad Pro’s Face ID recognizes both the vertical and horizontal directions of the terminal, but if you use it on a desktop, you’ll have to face it directly and verify if a bezel is attached to the camera, or if the camera is hidden by hand. You need to worry about a good Touch ID is often useful. In addition, there is no doubt that it is more convenient when using a wired earphone terminal for gaming and if you use it tightly, it is rather convenient to have a bezel on the top and bottom. Considering this national applicability, I think that there are some cases where the iPad mini and iPad Air are more convenient than the iPad Pro.

I am sorry that this is a morale speaker because it is great as a game console

As mentioned above, despite its current high-performance processor, it is extremely low cost, so its performance as a home game machine is quite good. In the royal games of war, such as PUBG, there are not many gamers who introduce the iPad because the ability to search on the big screen of the iPad is superior, but the “ word ” is important in these national games, it is very disappointing that it is the speaker. I personally like to play without headphones at home, but since there is only one speaker on the iPad mini, the sound’s direction is not known at all, and it is unhelpful in games that rely on action and gun sounds like PUBG. I felt that using headphones or earphones was the only option (though apps would use headphones in the first place).

Apple iPad Mini 5

Initial failure is a free replacement for hit items

This is unfortunate, but the person I bought had a display that was not stable and the backlight on the edge was not working properly, resulting in darkness. After using it for a while, the symptom disappeared and recurred, so I consulted with Apple Support and found it safe and free. If you experience similar symptoms, we suggest contacting support during the one year warranty period.

Fill high-end tablets with no complaints about performance and size

Overall, this fifth-generation iPad mini, which simply enhanced the performance without changing the way it is in the existing iPad mini series, I felt was quite mature and a real terminal. Rebuilding photos does not only require processing performance, but it also supports Apple Pencil which extends the range of work and can be recommended for anyone who uses it for smaller notebooks. The processing performance was as perfect as the game console and I was not dissatisfied with playing the latest 3D games. If this performance is a GB1 GB model, it can be bought for less than 5 yen, so the performance of the expense is overwhelming.

On the other hand, it is also true that I felt that gadgets lacked the attractive design of gadgets. I think the feel of the near future would have been outstanding if it had kept the iPad Pro and the tablet with a narrower frame like this size.

The 8th generation iPad mini is a model that is known to have been used for a long time and has the latest performance, a perfect model as a tool. I do not regret buying it and it is often used as a photo retouching machine on a daily basis but as a follower I have a shortage of romance. I felt it was such a product.

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