You can quickly order and register a domain from any website, but you need to know how reasonable it is.
First: Before buying a domain the most important thing is to understand the requirements. You can say that necessity and necessity are the same thing. No, slightly different. I mean need you do a business firm or it blog or a news site take domain depending on its need. You don’t need to buy unnecessary domains and throw them away.
Second: Keyword research is required before domain registration. It means how much the domain name you buy will be worth according to its category. Currently, Insurance(1st keyword), Loans(2nd keyword), Mortgage(3rd keyword) are on the top. Go to Google analytics and search for your desired keyword to know its value. Then the reach will be higher according to that keyword value.
Thirdly: After the keyword research of the domain, it is time for registration. All information provided by you at the time of registration must be correct. If you give wrong information, there will be no temporary loss. But you will be in danger when domain verified issue comes up. And the email id must be correct. No spelling mistakes. Otherwise your domain will be closed after 15/18 days if the verified link is not sent to your email.
Fourth: The final stage of domain registration will be the payment status. Note that it takes some time for the payment gateway API to connect to the client. Do not reload/close the page at this time. Your mistake will deduct the money from my account but the domain will not be auto active due to page reload and callback. Then abuse the provider unnecessarily.
Fifth: Domain registration is completed, if you do not have a name server on the domain, install a name server and then host it.
If the domain hosting is taken from the same organization then the name server problem is almost non-existent. 

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