Finally, the time has come: Dark Mode is also finding its way into WhatsApp, on both iOS and Android. To celebrate this, the company is publishing a video that shows only too well why we need dark mode so badly.

After WhatsApp tested Dark Mode in January in a beta, the update is finally distributed to all users. In the blog entry, the company states that dark mode was the most requested feature. In the video embedded below, WhatsApp shows why we all missed dark mode so much – the spot is humorous and understandable, so the minute it takes to watch the video is worth it. WhatsApp describes the dark mode as follows:

When developing the dark mode we focused in particular on two aspects:

Readability: When choosing the colors, we wanted to minimize the strain on the eyes and use colors that are closer to the system standard of iPhones and Android devices.

Information hierarchy: We wanted to help make it easy for users to focus on every screen. We have used colors and other design elements to ensure that the most important information stands out.

Users with Android 10 or iOS 13 can activate the dark mode in the system settings. Users with Android 9 and older can find the option under WhatsApp Settings> Chats> Design> Dark.

The update is already available for most users, but the rollout is not yet complete, so some customers may have to wait a few more days.



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