Which hosting is best for you? What questions should you have as a hosting buyer? Of course, before taking the hosting, take the hosting by knowing the following points.

When you are a buyer, you post about such and such company, such and such company, etc. in various groups. Read my words carefully without giving them. You will first look at the packages and ask questions

1. How many GB of space/store? HDD, SSD, NvME any type of storage. Each store will have different prices. The first is less, the second is more, the third is more.

2. How much bandwidth? Many companies offer unlimited and some companies offer limited. There is no such thing as unlimited. Don’t look forĀ  Unlimited. I can also give unlimited, then I will limit the other research. Cannot use bandwidth above 20GB per month.

3. Cloud Linux is there or not? Because cloud Linux operating system will keep your server BG less than other operating system. Moreover, if you have Cloud Linux, you can increase or decrease the research, multi-version of PAP, Serven Selector, Python, Nud JS, etc. So if you have Cloud Linux, you don’t have to worry about them.

4. Is there a light spread? Light Spread simplifies/smooths category-wise processing power on servers. A server that takes 20 seconds to load your website will take 8/10 seconds on a light spread. Moreover, it helps the server with more load to load release.

5. Backup System: After asking these you will come up with how to provide backup. Because don’t go for hosting without backup. Due to the inefficiency of the server admin, you will lose data and post again in different groups – Bangladeshi service is not good.

6. Where is the server location? The important thing here is that if you take an American server, the site load will be normal and you will get a lower rate. If you take European, the rate may increase a little, but the service is the same. If you take Singapore, the rate will be higher and it will load faster. If you take a Bangladeshi server, the load will be faster but the rate will be higher. Server location depends on your website visitors. Means if your visitor is Bangladeshi only then Bangladeshi server. If it is an Asian base, you can take a Singaporean server and an American one if it is a world wide one.

7. How does customer support? Before taking hosting, if necessary, knock on the company for two days at 3/4 in the night to see if it is in live support or not. If the above 7 things are satisfied by the customer, then he will take the hosting.

Hope next time don’t say such and such hosting rate is high.

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