Xiaomi Mi 10: Check out this adorable Doraemon edition for kids and manga fans
Does anyone here know Doraemon? The robot cat from the future is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a manga hero and is being duly celebrated by Xiaomi on the occasion of the start of school in China with the Mi 10 Youth Doraemon Edition. The delightful special edition can be seen here in countless pictures and a video.

Doraemon, the Japanese robot cat from the future, is the hero of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Doraemon.

The Mi 10 Youth Doraemon Edition starts in China for 2,800 yuan (equivalent to 340 euros) and will also be sold from September 1st, the first day of school in China. The robot cat from Japan is a real manga star and not only delights kids and the young at heart but of course also manga fans who are now celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Together with the new Mi 10, which by the way is part of the Mi 10 Youth edition with 50x periscope zoom, Xiaomi has also created a suitably decorated sales box that contains the Xiaomi phone, a protective cover in a suitable design and of course the little cat itself . The background image and theme have also been adjusted accordingly. The Doraemon edition should have the same specifications as the Mi 10 Youth, which in turn resembles the Mi 10 Lite 5G (available from Amazon from around 300 euros) most closely, although the latter has to do without the periscope optics.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Doraemon.

It is not known whether the Mi 10 Youth Doraemon will also come to Europe, we do not expect it at first, but it could soon appear in various import shops. We have currently checked well-known candidates such as Trading Shenzhen, Gear best and Bang good but have not yet found any reference to the Doraemon Edition. Below a lot of pictures from the Chinese network Weibo, some hands-on photos, some render images, and of course a promo video was also published for the launch and can already be found on YouTube.





source: Xiaomi Weibo, Lolger Weibo, Weibo search

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