Many were taken aback when the Lenovo ThinkPad T14 was announced. The reason: According to Lenovo, the Intel version should appear with RJ45 and a RAM slot, the model with AMD Ryzen Pro 4000, however, without these two features. We checked with Lenovo – and now Lenovo has confirmed that there is actually an error in the data sheet.

AMD laptops have a long history of being at a disadvantage compared to Intel models. This disadvantage is still taking place. The newly announced ThinkPad T14s is a good example of this: The Intel version is available with a 4K UHD HDR screen, but the Ryzen ThinkPad is not.

The cheaper Lenovo ThinkPad T14 with Ryzen Pro 4000 seemed to have been hit even worse: it should not only lack the UHD option, but according to the data sheet even the RJ45 connection and the upgradeable RAM – two functions that are included in the data sheet of the Lenovo ThinkPad T14 with Intel CPU are included.

Incomplete data sheet: The specifications of the AMD ThinkPad T14 lack RJ45 and upgradeable RAM …

For us, this difference was basically not explainable. Such serious differences between Intel and AMD variants are not normal, after all, they affect the basic equipment of the laptop. In addition, the RJ45 connection on the pictures we received from Lenovo was also clearly recognizable on the AMD model. That is why we asked Lenovo whether the data sheet is actually correct. Lenovo’s answer:

The datasheet is incorrect, or rather incomplete. T14 has RJ45 regardless of processor. DIMM, both Intel and AMD models have 1 soldered DIMM and 1 DIMM slot.

Translated freely: The data sheet is incomplete, the T14 with AMD has both RJ45 and expandable RAM. The Ryzen ThinkPad T14 thus still has the disadvantage of the unavailable 4K UHD display, but at least the other two features are not missing, the lack of which would certainly have been much more painful.

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