If you would like to have a Galaxy Z Flip with iOS, you should have a look here. We haven’t seen any in the wild yet and Apple will probably not be launching one for a long time, at least in digital space, but an iPhone flip or iPhone 12 flip is already a reality.

Almost a million people have seen a concept video by the Kazakh 3D animator Iskander Utebayev, which on Instagram (see below) helps a foldable iPhone to digital fame. The short video shows an iOS version of the Galaxy Z Flip from Samsung, so it is a clamshell phone and could therefore also be called an iPhone flip or iPhone 12 flip. The vision is based on a very elongated, notch-free interior display based on AMOLED, but also has a huge second display on the outside, which can also be used to view content.

Here the imaginary Apple folding phone definitely has an advantage over the Samsung counterpart. If you look closely, you can see that Iskander has given this outside display an inverted notch on the bottom, i.e. Face ID and Facetime camera are on the bottom and, after opening, become the rear main camera, which would mean that you can move away from the would have to adopt the current triple cam. It is not known whether Apple is actually planning to launch a foldable iPhone. Patents do exist, but before 2021 analysts consider a real flip iPhone to be very unlikely.

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