Together with the Xbox One, Microsoft already has one of the best controllers in the world on offer. The company is finally showing what the next generation gamepad will look like and what specific changes have been made to further improve the gaming experience.

After Microsoft already revealed all the technical data of the Xbox Series X today, there are now new pictures and information about the controller of the next generation in an interview. If you look at the pictures, you will immediately notice the new D-Pad and the additional share button, with which screenshots and video clips can be recorded at any time, while the triggers also have a more grippy structure.

However, many of the improvements are in the details. For example, some areas have been rounded off and the handles have been redesigned so that people with smaller hands can hold the controller more comfortably without impairing the usual comfort for the rest of the customers.

Good news is that the new controller can also be easily used with an Xbox One (starting at 191 euros on Amazon), so you don’t have to switch to the new console to benefit from the new features of the gamepad.

Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy, the gamepad can also be connected to iOS and Android devices as well as to the PC. Using the USB-C port on the back, the controller can also be connected with a cable and used and charged at the same time.

Thanks to a feature called Dynamic Latency Input (DLI), latency should also be noticeably reduced because the information between the controller and the console is compared more often. The lower side of the controller, on the other hand, remains unchanged so that you can continue to use your old accessories such as the chat pad (from 42 euros on Amazon).

The new Xbox Wireless Controller will be launched along with the Xbox Series X in fall 2020. Microsoft has not yet commented on the price, but due to the similar features, one can assume that it will cost about as much as the current model (from 47 euros on Amazon).


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