Apple’s smallest Mac has also received an upgrade today, even if it is unfortunately not quite as extensive: The memory of the two configurations that Apple has been offering since the introduction of the current model in October 2018 has been doubled, the price remained almost unchanged.

Along with the launch of the new MacBook Air and the unveiling of the all-new iPad Pro, Apple is also upgrading the Mac Mini. Unfortunately, the update is as small as the computer itself – Apple even announced the change as a footnote in the MacBook Air press release. Only the memory of the two variants was doubled – the entry-level model now comes with a 256 GB SSD, the more expensive model has 512 GB.

Abgesehen vom Speicher bleibt alles wie gehabt. (Bild: Apple)
Apart from the storage, everything remains as before. (Image: Apple)

In the USA, the price remained unchanged, but due to the weakening exchange rate of the euro in relation to the US dollar, you have to dig deeper in your pocket here: the price of the base model with the 3.6 GHz quad-core Intel Core i3, 8 GB of RAM and the now 256 GB SSD increases from 899 to 929 euros, for the top model with the 3.0 GHz 6-core Intel Core i5, also 8 GB RAM and 512 GB memory, 1,279 instead of 1,249 euros are now due.

Unfortunately, you still have to be satisfied with 8th generation Intel processors and an Intel UHD Graphics 630 – the update to more recent processors would not have harmed the small computer. After all, as with the predecessor, an external graphics card can be connected to the Mac Mini using Thunderbolt 3, if you want to use the Mac as a gaming PC replacement.


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