While Xiaomi still used tricks on the Mi 9 in the Explorer Edition to give the impression of a transparent back, the special version of the Mi 10 shows itself with a real, transparent glass back – and looks damn cool!

After the Mi 9 in the Explorer Edition was already presented in a pseudo-transparent look, it seems that Xiaomi is going a step further with the Mi 10. According to the leaked images shared by the Chinese blog MyDrivers, the company is working on a transparent glass back for the Mi 10, which apart from the huge Xiaomi logo, the cameras and the small “Mi” text, appears completely transparent.

After transparent smartphones are so popular that dbrand, in collaboration with JerryRigEverything, has even developed teardown cases and skins that accurately depict the inside of a smartphone, it is hardly surprising that a manufacturer is finally opting for a real, transparent back.

According to MyDrivers, customer feedback was primarily responsible for this step. The four images that were published are said to come directly from Xiaomi’s marketing department. The authenticity can not be determined with certainty, but the pictures look very authentic, although you can not see too much of the interior due to the huge Qi charging coil.

Despite this limitation, fans of transparent devices could get a real option. The global launch of the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro is scheduled for March 27, whether the new Explorers Edition will be announced in the livestream and how much it should cost, but is not yet known.


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