Apple has updated the guidelines of the App Store so that developers can now send advertising as push messages – at least as long as users expressly agree to this. The new guidelines give apps significantly more scope to communicate with their users.

So far, Apple has prohibited any kind of advertising or direct marketing via push messages and banned apps from the store that violated this rule. As 9to5Mac noted, this policy has recently been amended to accept promotional messages as long as users expressly consent to them.

This finally defines the gray area to date. Because apps like Amazon only have the purpose of selling products, so most potentially helpful push messages would be prohibited according to the old regulation. In any case, the messages of individual apps can be deactivated in the system settings.

Another new rule prohibits apps that help escape from the police. Under the new guidelines, dating and fortune telling apps will be tested according to the same standards that apply to common spam apps, so that many low-quality apps in these two categories could be rejected in the future.

Apps that already support login via Facebook or Google must also add a “Sign in with Apple” button by April 30 at the latest. This login method has several privacy advantages over the competition: Apple creates a separate e-mail address for each app that cannot be linked to the user, so that developers do not receive any data from a customer unless he explicitly specifies it .

source:Apple, via 9to5Mac

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