Nokia’s battered network equipment division has found a new partner to give its somewhat delayed switch to 5G new impetus. In Marvell Technology, the Finns have found a globally active semiconductor manufacturer as a partner.

The somewhat strangled Nokia network division announced on Wednesday that the company has entered into a partnership with Marvell Technology. No, it’s not about the producer of superhero comics and films, who writes with an ā€œlā€ less. Marvell Technology is a global semiconductor manufacturer.

With the help of the partner company, Nokia is trying to accelerate its somewhat sleepy switch to 5G network technology. So far, the Finns still have problems developing and completing their Reefshark SoC. This is intended to house a complete computer system on a single chip, which means that Nokia could produce network equipment significantly cheaper.

The semiconductor manufacturer Marvell is now to assist in the development, together they want to develop a new generation of SoC that combines Nokia’s wireless technologies with Marvel’s multi-core ARM processors.


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