A whole bunch of teasers about the Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 pro gaming smartphones from Xiaomi have been released in the last few days. Everything revolves around extendable mechanical shoulder buttons, the pressure-sensitive display, the optimized liquid cooling and the magnetic charging solution.

On March 3rd, the third generation of Black Shark gamer cellphones will be launched in China, the third of course based on the Snapdragon 865. Xiaomi does not have a 144 Hz display like the Nubia Red Magic 5G competitor, but the black shark has opted for this but on mechanical shoulder buttons (only in the Pro-Mdell), of course, accompanied by a 120 Hz display, which has become part of the good tone in the high-end.

These case-by-case extendable buttons on the left and top right in landscape format complement the already existing and much improved pressure-sensitive display in Black Shark 3 Pro. The latter are used for crouching and jumping, for example, the mechanical shoulder buttons that are supposed to withstand more than 1 million clicks. (see demo below)

Magnetic charging

Apart from the physical buttons and different battery sizes, it is currently not known whether Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro will differ in other features. Fix is a 4,720 mAh battery in the regular Black Shark 3 and a 5,000 mAh battery in the Pro model. These batteries are supposed to charge ultra-fast using 65 watts. There will also be a magnetic charging dock, like the video demonstrated below.

Put on ice with liquid cooling

You could already guess what the Black Shark 3 will look like in previous teasers, the render image below is not an official render image, but should roughly demonstrate the design to be expected, the slightly blurred image shows the triple cam design and comes from it from a teaser video by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. Both Black Shark 3 models retain the 3.5 mm jack socket, as Xiaomi advertises in one of the teaser posters below. Equipped with 16 GB RAM, the Snapdragon 865 should of course deliver maximum performance and is therefore put on ice with the third liquid cooling solution. The Chinese have also published a short promo video for this.





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