After a few quarrels, owners of the affordable Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphone can now get Android 10. However, the update shouldn’t necessarily be a good idea.

At this point we have already reported on the Xiaomi Mi A3 and in particular the update to Android 10, which was still vacant at the time. According to initial plans, the cheap smartphone should receive the update as early as February, with the French Xiaomi branch announcing the postponement of the update at the end of February. So the update was postponed to this month.

Xiaomi was able to actually comply with this announcement and has distributed Android 10 for the Xiaomi Mi A3 at least since yesterday. The 1.3 GB update can be downloaded by interested users as usual as part of the OTA distribution on the smartphone. The changelog of the update emphasizes improvements such as the dark theme, advanced privacy settings and gesture control.

According to the company, the update is not yet available to all users – and apparently for a good reason. So the update should receive numerous and sometimes serious errors. Among other things, users complain about malfunctions of the integrated fingerprint scanner, random boot loops, problems with microSD cards and crashes.

According to readers of our English-language edition, the smartphone can actually become completely unusable, another user describes that when making calls, the phone is activated after a while and the speaker is also overheated. Other users report an apparently at least acceptable user experience.



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