Do you say future “Huawein” instead of “Googlen” on Huawei and Honor Phones? As part of Google’s umbilical process, Huawei will in future also be using its own search app to replace Google search and beta-testing the app in some countries.

Huawei will have to convince its future mobile customers that the Chinese alternatives to Google are better or at least equivalent to the usual Google apps and services if the smartphones from Honor and Huawei are to play an international role.

As every buyer of a new Huawei and Honor phone, such as the Huawei P40 Lite, the Honor View 30 or the Honor 9X Pro, should know, reinstalling the Google ecosystem from a dubious source is not for productive use, just like Google even warns.

Instead, you should look at what Huawei offers as a replacement. This will not only come in the form of the App Gallery instead of the Google Play Store, but also in the future as a separate search app, which is currently being tested by volunteers in countries like the UAE – by the way, you can also win prizes as a small incentive.

The XDA Developer Forum installed the Huawei Seach app on a Mate 30 Pro, the first smartphone without Google services that is now also available in Europe, and published some screenshots (see below). In principle, Huawei Search is currently used for website or image search on the Internet, but some shortcuts to apps such as weather, calculator or sports have already been integrated.

Huawei is busy working on the core components of its Huawei Mobile Services, which are already available in version 4.0. In part, generous grants encourage developers to support the Huawei ecosystem in the future, which is an alternative to Google and is also supposed to offer mobile payments, digital cards, an AI assistant and more – all like Google. It remains to be seen whether apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Netflix and Co. can and should participate.

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