A quad camera in a smartphone for 125 euros? Sounds too good to be true and the Blackview A80 Pro can’t keep that promise either. However, it is convincing in another respect, here is a summary of our test results.

Nobody likes to be fooled, so it’s a shame that Blackview thinks they have to bait their buyers with the promise of a quad camera in the Blackview A80 Pro, which is ultimately quite utopian in a smartphone for 125 euros.

Blackview keeps its promise purely formally, of course: there are four lenses on the back, but that only one of them is actually used for pictures and only support the others, a hybrid optical zoom is not possible and you cannot determine exactly whether the three low-resolution lenses have any effect at all, making the whole thing difficult.

The Blackview A80 Pro offers some qualities apart from its supposed multiple camera: you get quite a lot of performance for little money, there are many LTE frequencies and a bright screen. The battery life is good and the device does not get too warm. The fingerprint sensor works well, the touchscreen can be operated smoothly and the screen shows no PWM flickering. The Blackview A80 Pro is actually quite well equipped for everyday use.

Of course, on the other hand, you shouldn’t expect too much: the software is based on Android 9 and comes with outdated security patches, there is a strong bluish tint in the display and the speaker is not convincing in any way: it is neither loud enough nor does it offer good sound.

For 125 euros you don’t go too far wrong with the  A80 Pro if you’re not looking forward to a full multi-camera. Our detailed test report for the device offers even more information, test pictures and much more.

source:Testbericht zum Blackview A80 Pro

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