A report deals with the alleged realization of a smartphone camera with infinite resolution for the new iPhone. While this is a satirical report, it still raises well-founded questions about the possible developments on the smartphone market.

quantum computer

While Xiaomi and Samsung seem to outdo each other with particularly high-resolution smartphone cameras, a new report speaks of plans by the manufacturer Apple to implement a new camera with an infinitely high resolution and sharpness of detail. The basis of this development is quantum technology.smartphone camera with infinite resolution for the new iPhone.

Even if it is clear at second glance that the report published by WCCFTech is satirical and that the company is not working on an image sensor based on quantum entanglement, findings and phenomena from quantum mechanics nonetheless have the potential to revolutionize not only mobile computers. In fact, quantum mechanical effects have already been used to record images.

Apart from image processing, quantum computers are likely to offer completely new opportunities in the future – and make potentially conventional cryptographic methods obsolete. The use of corresponding effects is apparently already successfully possible, according to Google, according to its own information, last October was able to process a real-world workload faster with a quantum computer than with a conventional system.

In our opinion, corresponding innovations based on quantum technology should first be noticed in the mobile sector. For example, researchers have demonstrated the delay-free data transport via quantum entanglement – thin clients could be connected accordingly, whereby the development of AI systems should also benefit from the performance and unconventional functioning of quantum systems.

The WCCFTech report also highlights the current status of the smartphone market: the days of great innovations are now definitely over, which is damaging to the market as such. Accordingly, it is unclear whether customers are motivated by more powerful image processors to make new purchases as often as possible.

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