With AirBands there is finally a convenient place to stow your AirPods when you are not in the case, right on your wrist. It remains to be seen whether an Apple Watch bracelet is really the best place to store your AirPods.

The line between genius and madness can be so narrow: Is an Apple Watch bracelet with a holder for the AirPods the next must-have gadget or just a curiosity? Matt Youngblood is definitely of the opinion that the former is the case, as the Texas businessman’s recent Kickstarter campaign proves.

The AirBand is a fairly simple Apple Watch bracelet made of silicone, just with two loops that can hold both the Apple AirPods (approx. 140 euros on Amazon) and the AirPods Pro (approx. 279 euros on Amazon). Of course, the band is not suitable for permanent storage of the in-ears, since the supplied case is required for charging and also for switching off the AirPods. If you only want to put them away for a moment, the AirBand could be very practical – and with a bit of luck, reduce the immense number of AirPods that people lose on the subway.

The AirBand can now be ordered on Kickstarter; the Super Early Bird costs $ 20. Delivery is expected to follow in April 2020. The bracelet is available in white, black, beige and blue. So far, just under 670 euros of the target of 9,240 euros have been reached, but the campaign will run for 44 days. In the video embedded below you can already get an impression of the bracelet.

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