16-inch MacBook Pro is a notebook PC with a larger LCD for creators.

Equipped with the highest i9-9980HK CPU, it has a lot of memory and storage capacity, a wide variety of liquid crystal colors, and a satisfying specification from the manufacturers. I was concerned about thermal throttling, but the CPU clock didn’t go down even when such a load was applied that was applied 100% for CPU use. However, CPU temperatures can be quite high. I am concerned about long processing.

Another benefit is that it supports power delivery and can use PD chargers made by other companies. This is a feature that is not very common in notebooks with the H series core processor.

Glasses high enough for manufacturers

The MacBook Pro 16-inch is a notebook PC that also satisfies the creator with high specification.

First, regarding the CPU, it is possible to mount an 8-core Core i9-9980HK, some of which can be easily mounted on models.

As for the memory, you can select up to 64GB. Creator software uses a lot of memory, and I think that I often launch multiple maker software, so it’s good to have a lot of memories.

As for storage, SSDs up to 8 TB can be installed. People who edit videos and eat a lot of disk space so I think they can be happy.

The maximum for graphics is AMD Radion Pro 5500M (8GB). Looking at the criteria, the score is inferior to the GForce GTX 1650, so it is a bit inferior to the other parts. However this is a high point that you can choose graphics with 8 GB of memory.

I think that many manufacturers use high-performance Windows Gaming notebooks but there are a few items that can be configured up to Core i9-9980HK, 64GB of memory, up to 8TB SSD. This is even more so when focusing on products with a mass of 2kg. However in regards to the performance of the graphics, I think Windows Gaming Notes has a minute.

The MacBook Pro

Compact and slim body

This is a MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen, but the body is compact, especially by adopting a narrow bezel. Compared to the ThinkPad X1 Extreme (15.6-inch LCD), which is a PC for Windows manufacturers, the MacBook Pro has a smaller LCD at 16 inches, but its larger size.

Compact body

The high-performance MacBook Pro is 16 inches, but only 1.62 cm tall. If you compare the height with the ThinkPad X1 Extreme, you will find that it is quite thin.

Lightweight as PC for manufacturers with AC adapter included

Recently, many Windows Gaming notebooks are lightweight and cost more than the MacBook Pro 16 inches, so manufacturers often use Windows Gaming Notebooks.

However, in the case of Windows gaming notebooks, the AC adapter is often heavier. On the other hand, the MacBook Pro 16 inches has a light AC adapter, so the total weight of the PC + AC adapter is considered quite light in high-performance notebook PCs.

Also, since it can be charged via USB-C, PD chargers made by other companies can be used. When I tried it on this site I was able to charge it with an 18W PD charger and a 5V smartphone charger. If you forget the AC adapter, you can always keep a small PD charger in your bag.

High rigidity and refractive brand design

The MacBook Pro has a metallic, rigid body that doesn’t break when twisted. The design is nice, with good texture. Furthermore, the brand is strong, and it has been noted that “Oh, this MacBook” is exactly the same with the Apple sign, so you can use it proudly when you use it outside.

The lower interface however has four Thunderbolt 3 ports

The MacBook Pro 16 inches only has a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port and a headphone jack. When using a USB memory or SD card, an adapter is required individually.

But there are a total of four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports on the side. You can connect any AC adapter to the left or right port, and you can connect multiple external M2 SSDs that Thunderbolt 3 supports.

The MacBook Pro

Very good speaker sound

The MacBook Pro 16 inches has six speakers and looks great.

I actually heard the sound, but the sound quality was clear height and strong deep bass, even though the sound was somewhat pierced, and the sound quality was better than any other laptop computer. Assuming that a typical notebook PC has 5 speakers, this product has 8 to 9 points (please understand the content of word quality assessment).

The final CPU clock is not down, but the CPU temperature is higher

Since a slim, high-performance CPU is installed, the CPU clock will not slow down due to heat (thermal throttling occurs).

This time, with the Core I9-9980H installed model, I tried encoding processing that CPU usage rate is close to 100%. After the turbo boost the CPU clock has been fixed at about 3.3GHz, and I’ve been watching it for about 20 minutes, but it hasn’t slowed down anymore. The base clock for the Core i9-9980HK is 2.40GHz (the maximum clock on the turbo boost is 5.00GHz), and it has never been lower than the base clock.

However the CPU temperature is much higher than 90 degrees. Unlike the MacBook Air, the CPU temperature was not set to 100 degrees, but it was a temperature that would be safe even if the clock was down.

Subsequently, at the same time of encoding, the rendering process of video editing was also implemented, leaving a burden on the GPU as well as the CPU. CPU usage is about 100%, GPU usage fluctuates, but on average about 60%. This time, the CPU clock has gone down to about 2.8GHz. But it never fell below the base clock. Due to the clip down, the CPU temperature dropped to about 85 ° C.

The MacBook Pro

Check out the MacBook Pro LCD display.

P3 color gamut suitable for video production. However, there is not enough color gum to cover Adobe RGB, so be careful if you want to integrate devices into the Adobe RGB environment. Maximum illumination is as high as 484cd / m2 in actual measurements. Click on the tabs below for other features.

Check the keyboard and touchpad.

Keyboard with butterfly structure, which had many failures, was changed to a keyboard with scissor structure. The keystroke is a bit deeper than 1mm, giving it a stronger feel than ever. The effect on the bottom part is also weaker and I find that typing in the long run makes it more difficult to get tired.

Also, the MacBook Pro has the advantage of choosing an English keyboard, so I think it’s great for those who use app shortcuts a lot. Furthermore, the click button is pressed with a light power and is easy to use.

Test performance.

The CPU is equipped with a high-performance H series CPU. Especially the Core i9-9980HK’s performance is high.

This review machine is equipped with the Core i9-9980HK, but the same score came out without lowering the score compared to other PCs.


The MacBook Pro 16-inch has three graphics options: Radion Pro 5300M, Radion Pro 5500M (4GB), and Radion Pro 5500M (8GB).

This time I tried using the Radion Pro 5500M (8GB), but the score on the standard is a bit inferior to the GeForce GTX 1650.

A comparison with Windows will be made at a later date when editing the video

Later, while editing the videos, we will post an article that examines what is more comfortable for the MacBook Pro 16-inch and Windows Gaming Notebook.

If you lend a MacBook Pro 16 inch or Windows Gaming notebook to a professional video maker and use it for real work, which one is faster? Which is easier to use? Will be evaluated. The software to try is Adobe Premier Pro, DaVinci Relovs, and so on

Benchmark when starting Windows

The boot camp started Windows OS and measured various criteria. See the link below for details.

The following table shows the test results of whether a charger or dock can be used other than the original product using a USB Type-C port.

Thunderbolt 3 is supported, and video output is certainly possible.

It should be noted that it was possible to charge even with an 18W PD charger and a smartphone 5V charger. If you are not doing a lot of work on the go, you may want to use a smaller battery charger with a smaller capacity. However, please note that if you charge the battery with a smaller power charger while using the PC, the battery will be depleted.

Additionally, please understand that we may not be responsible for this site even if the charger is broken in any way other than the original product.

Check the weight of the MacBook Pro.

This is 2.0kg in the manufacturer’s specification value. The values ​​measured at this site are as follows. As mentioned above, I think the AC adapter is light for a PC of this class performance.

Check battery operating time.

Battery capacity is 100Wh and large capacity.

In the manufacturer’s specification table, battery operation time is referred to as “up to 11 hours of wireless Internet browsing.”

The battery operation time measured at this site is listed below. During this time, we continuously measured battery drive time by playing locally stored videos on iTunes. Due to the high performance of the CPU, the operation time is not so long. Also, if you use manufacturer software, I think the battery drive time will be less than half that. I think you should carry your AC adapter.

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